The Ojai Wild Experience at San Cayetano

As part of the 2nd grade unit of study on Animal Habitats students were treated with a great presentation from The Ojai Wild Experience. Students learned about various animals, their characteristics and their habitats and what they can do to keep animals from becoming endangered.


The presenter is Mrs. Beverly Critcher who is the founder of the Wild Life Experience in Ojai.


The Wildlife Experience is a wildlife conservation organization dedicated to wildlife & environmental conservation through community education and provides quality, lifelong care for the non-releasable animals in our charge. They achieve their educational goals by offering CA Life & Physical Science Standard based Outreach Programming in Ventura, Santa Barbara and Los Angeles County schools and participate in Special Environmental and Community Events.

The programs offer environments for people to see the animals they are learning about. This direct connection has an increase in cognitive learning ability and an increase in affective learning, which fosters a deeper appreciation for wildlife and the environment.