A Day of Fun and Learning at San Cayetano


Guest teacher Mr. A escorts our Kinder students on the school bus for their first visit to the school farm pumpkin patch.


Mr. Maus’ students showing their enthusiasm for learning and giving their input about the hardships of the European Explorers.


Mrs. Ferguson conferences with students during Daily 5.


New teacher Ms. Tess Cucurny greets each student during morning circle time.

San Cayetano Loves Math & Science


Santos Montes and Aaliyah Arias from Ms. Fang’s 2nd grade class discuss math strategies.


Mrs. Gosselin’s 3rd grade students recite their chant on the SEAL Science unit - Forces and Interaction.


Tk-2nd teacher Mrs. Sherman works with her students on representing and writing numbers from 0 to 10.


Mr. White gives students a “pep talk” about doing their best on the 3rd grade SWUN Chapter 3 math test.

STEAM Education


2nd grade students participate in a STEAM Lesson on Music with guest teacher Mrs. Wadman.


Guest Teacher Mrs. Arguelles explains steps of the Math Art activity to 2nd grade students.


Kinder teachers meet for the first PLC to analyze student performance data, share best practices and back map for upcoming SEAL ELA/ELD Units of study on and Unit 3 SWUN Math Unit on Compare Numbers 0 to 10.  Each Grade level team will receive 3 hours twice each trimester to collaborate with their grade level colleagues, while their students participate in three rotations of STEAM Enrichment lesson activities. STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics.

SWUN Math Program

 SWUN Coach- Frank modeling grade specific computational lessons for teachers.

SWUN Coach- Frank modeling grade specific computational lessons for teachers.

Staff at San Cayetano School continue to focus on providing explicit instruction in mathematics with carefully designed lessons that match the eight required shifts of mathematical practices. This includes a gradual release of responsibility to students who must be able to articulate their math reasoning in order to achieve true mastery. This school year we are excited to have the support of the SWUN Math program in grades TK-8 that works in partnership with all stakeholders in educating students, parents, teachers and administrators. A powerful part of that support includes onsite coaching.


New iPads!

 Students with their new iPads.

Students with their new iPads.

On Friday September 14, Fillmore Unified School District Technology Department and Ed Services Coordinator Amber Henry provided training to teachers and students in grades K-2 on use of I-pads, its features and how to take care of them.  San Cayetano staff is thrilled that Kindergartners, 1st and 2nd grade students are getting their hands on iPads…not just a cool new toy but rather a powerful and versatile tool with a multitude of applications, with educational uses that will have a positive impact on teaching and learning.