4th Grade Field Trip To Santa Cruz Island

Our fourth graders had the amazing experience of attending Santa Cruz Island again this year. Would like to send out a big thanks to the National Forest Foundation for granting us the Every Kid in the Park Grant. This year's adventure was incredibly filled with dolphin and whale citings as part of the boat ride then interactions with the island fox, scrub jay and plant species native to the island. Park rangers were very attentive and taught our students so much about the island way of life.


Josh the Otter Visits Piru!

We had the pleasure of receiving a visit from Josh The Otter, Dr. Palazuelos, and the Fillmore Rotary Club. Josh's message was delivered by Dr. Palazuelos via the book Josh The Otter. Josh wanted to educate students on water safety in preparation for summer months. After enjoying the book, students recited the Josh The Otter Water Safety Pledge with all our guests. It was a very memorable experience for our TK and K students, teachers, staff, and parents!

Piru Kindness Initiative

To finish off the school year we launched our Piru Kindness Initiative. The initiative was debuted at an assembly to define what it means to be kind, set expectations, and announce rewards. As part of the initiative, students will get kindness tokens. Those tokens will be rewarded with Otter Pops each Friday. At the same assembly we announced our Video Truck Contract where students need to earn points with their good behavior to be able to attend the fun event in June.

Piru Tech Team Seeks New Membership

Every year we must say goodbye to some Piru Tech Team members as they go off to Middle School. In preparation, the Tech Team advisors Mrs. Manly and Mrs. Silva, along with existing Tech Team members, go through the process of recruitment and selection. They take the process very seriously. Pictured are the interviews that were held this year to select ideal candidates for our 2018-2019 Piru Tech Team.


Preparation for Santa Cruz Island Field Trip


Piru fourth graders were awarded the Santa Cruz Island Field Trip again this year! We are so excited that we have been selected for this amazing opportunity for the last three years. We are thankful to Monique Navaro and the National Parks Foundation for their generosity. In preparation for our trip, Monique has been conducting distance learning sessions to acquaint students with concepts they may encounter on the trip. Students have also been talking at length about the Island of Blue Dolphins book that is read prior to the trip. This book’s setting is on the Island of San Nicholas near where the students will be visiting. Pictured are distant learning sessions with Monique. Also present was Ranger Menard and other guests.

Oral Language Assessment Training

As educators, we cannot meet our student’s needs if we do not assess where they are. The Oral Language Assessment or OLA is a tool that allows us to analyze student’s utterances. Our staff has been working hard to learn about OLA to guide our instruction and improve our craft. This video is a short excerpt of our amazing coach Lori McManus with our first grade team at our Professional Learning Community (PLC). Everyone had a very productive learning day. Thank you Lori!